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Protect your steelwork from the wear and tear of harsh environments and heavy duty use with advanced protective coatings from KBL.

Male holding spray gun and painted steel. Man paints pipe atomizer.
Spraying protective coating on steel structure
testing protective coating

Providing paint and coatings in a full range of performance specifications and colours to fit your requirements, we will ensure your metal lasts longer and performs better in a full range of applications.

The right coatings

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality paint and coatings, sourced from our specialist partners at IPS: Industrial Paint Supplies (Hull).

Whatever the application, you can come to us in the confidence you are getting a quality coating, properly applied to the right surface. All systems are applied in line with the latest best-practice guidelines, and inspected by NACE Coating Inspectors (Level 3 & 2) for quality and consistency.

Perfect preparation

Even the most advanced coatings will fail if the surface isn’t prepared properly. At KBL, our teams specialise in blast cleaning, providing the perfect surface preparation to ensure proper adhesion, enhanced protection and longer lifespan.

We will prepare steel to the perfect surface cleanliness and profile, minimising the risk of spot rusting, peak rashing or excessive paint consumption. The result is lower costs, reduced maintenance and a smooth, perfect finish.

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