Customised Surface Preparation

Cleanliness inspection on sand blasted metal
Replica film test by surface profile gauge

We offer a wide range of blast cleaning options, preparing surfaces to meet the requirements of every application, material and coating:

White Metal Blast

With a comprehensive white metal blast – we take the metal back to its original state, removing all visible traces of rust, scale, paint, coatings and contaminants.

It’s ideal when preparing surfaces for high performance coatings and sophisticated paints that need to perform in corrosive environments – including chemical plants, offshore, marine and bridges over salt water.

Near White Metal Blast

In this extensive blast clean, surfaces are cleared of all visible rust, scale, paint and foreign matter – with only slight staining on no more than 5% of the surface.

Near White Metal Blasting is used before applying high performance coatings for steel that will be exposed to harsh elements and/or heavy use.

Commercial Blast

With a commercial blast, the surface of the metal is cleared of visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, scale, oxides and corrosion. Up to 33% of the surface may be covered in discolouration, shadows or streaks from the removal of these materials.

This is the benchmark blast clean done before the application of the majority of standard coatings.

Industrial Blast

A blast clean that removes visible oil, grease, mill scale and dirt – though a few small traces of residue may remain on up to 10% of the surface. The rest of the surface may contain shadows, streaks, stains and discolouration.

This is used to prepare steel for basic coatings.

Brush-Off Blast

A rough blast designed to clean the vast majority of dirt, contaminants, scale, rust or flaked coating – though intact coating may be left.

A basic clean, it’s designed for surfaces that are not subject to severe environments/harsh applications, or in cases where long coating life is not required or expected.

Industry Cleanliness Standards

SIS: Swedish Standards Institute
NACE: The National Association of Corrosion Engineers
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings

More about Standards of Surface Finish

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